Canon Evan Daniel

1837 – 1904

Canon Evan Daniel, who had for some time I been seriously ill, died yesterday at the vicarage, Horsham, aged 66. He was born in 1837, his father being Mr. Evan Daniel, of Pontypool. He was educated privately, and then entered St. John’s Training College, Battersea, with which he was to be so long and so honourably connected.

He became lecturer in English literature at the College in 1859; and was appointed vice-principal in 1863. In 1866 he became principal of the College. He graduated in 1870 as senior moderator and gold medallist in English literature, history, and political science. Mr Daniel’s excellent work at the training college gained him considerable recognition as an educational expert. After 28 years’ service as principal of the Battersea College, Canon Daniel left it in 1894 on his appointment by Archbishop Benson to the vicarage of Horsham in succession to Dr. C. J. Robinson.

Canon Daniel is best known for his very useful manual on “The Prayer Book: Its History and Contents,” of which the twentieth edition was issued in 1901; he also wrote similar manuals on the Church Catechism, the Daily Offices, and the Litany, and one on how to teach the Prayer Book. The patronage of the benefice of Horsham, which is responsible for a population of over 11,000, is vested in the Archbishop of Canterbury, and is one of the most important in the diocese of Chichester, where a vicar in the prime of life would find full scope for all his energies. Canon Daniel, who married Miss Elizabeth Mosell, of Pontypool, will be buried on Tuesday.

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