Cadogan of the Battle Axe (Glyn Rhondda)

Cadogan of the Battle-Axe lived at Glyn Rhontha during the time of Owen Glyndwr’s war and was one of the chieftain’s captains over the men of that Vale. When Cadogan went to battle, he used to perambulate Glyn Rhontha, whetting his battle-axe, as he proceeded along from which circumstance, Owen would call out to Cadogan, “Fadogan, whet thy battle-axe” and the moment that Cadogan was heard to do so, all living persons, both male and female, in Glyn Rhontha, collected about him in military order: and from that day to this, the battle-shout of the men of Glyn-Rontha has been, “Cadogan! whet thy battle-axe,” and at the word, they all assemble as an army.