William Harry “Gwilym Garw-dyle” 1763 – 1844

He was born on the 18th Dec. 1763 at Garw-dyle in Penderyn, a grandson; it is said, of the poet Siôn Llewellyn of Vaynor. He was a weaver, as were his brothers Siôn Harry of Vaynor and Edward Harry of Cefn-Coed-y-Cymer.

After farming unsuccessfully at Llwyn-onn, Penderyn, he spent the greater part of his life at Pontbrenllwyd; he had nine children. He died 11 July 1844 in the house of one of his sons, at Dowlais, in his eighty-second year. He wrote satirical and religious verse; he was a Unitarian. He published two volumes, Yr Awen Resymol, 1828, and Nodd Awen, 1835 .