Duffryn House & Estate

A Welsh poet (1640-80) Ieuan Dafydd Ddu and Ieuan Dafydd ab Owain, resided at this estate not much of him is known except the first line of his poems are given in Moses William’s “RepertoriumPoeticum”, London 1726.

John Jones was High Sheriff of Glamorgan in 1717and had two poems quoted in “Gardd Aberdar”.
The Jones family then sold Dyffryn Estate to William Bruce Pryse in 1749.

His relatives Mr H.A. Bruce took over the estate and in 1873 later he became Baron of Aberdare. On his recommendations a Welsh Education Act was introduced for Wales in1899 and this law led to the first university being established in Wales. H.A. Bruce was the first chancellor of the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. Mountain Ash Comprehensive School now stands on the site of Dyffryn House.