Llanwynno Folklore

In the sixteenth century a tradition has it that the church bell, communion plate, linen altar cloth and the pulpit cushion were once stolen from the church. (Local people said that the bell was stolen). It was rumored that the bell was taken down one night and hidden on a mountain near the source of the River Ffrwd, near there called Ffos y Gloch (the ditch of the Bell). It was left there until the thieves were able to move it again; the bell was buried in the peaty soil. Later on they returned for the bell and dug it up and put it on a sledge and over the Merthyr. They found them with the bell in a place they called Rhyd-y-Car (the Ford of the Sledge).
Modern Folklore
When they were filming the film Zulu the music you here with was actually sung outside the Brynffynnon Public House in the car park with the choir.