Guto Nyth Bran

In the churchyard this is a grave stone to Guto Nyth Bran the famous runner. It was told that he had run with hounds of Llanwynno and chased a fox to Cardiganshire where the hounds and Guto collapsed in exhaustion.

The place where they finished this chase was a place called is Llanwrtyd Wells which was the old part of Cardiganshire. (The distance between Llanwynno and Llanwrtyd Wells is a distance of 55 miles).

In 1980 Mr. Gordon Green the landlord of The Neuadd Arms over heard two old men talking about Guto’s exploits of long ago. In 1982 he organized an annual event to mark this amazing feat: the event is still running up to the present day.

Later he ran several races with the man’s horse, which had lost him much money through having been by another gentleman’s horse. The result was that Guto ran against this man’s horse and beat him, winning back all the money, which had been lost.

He also raced against a horse, which belonged to a Captain who was stationed with his troops in Hirwaun. The race was over 4 miles which Guto won with great ease the prize money was £500.

His last big race was from St Woolos Church Newport to St Barrwg’s Church Bedwas near Caerphilly, which was around twelve miles. He ran against a horse called prince he won the race in 53 minutes beating the horse. A friend of his went to congratulate Guto and tapped on his back, which he then collapsed and died at the age of 37.

The Nos Glan race from Mountain Ash to Llanwynno is an annual celebration of this incredible athlete.