Food and Labour

Price of food in the Cynon Valley in the reign Elizabeth 1

Best butter 21/2d old pennies or 3d for per lb.
Beef was 1 1/2d per lb.
Eggs were 12 a penny.
Six chickens cost 15d
Pig 12d
Duck 5d (goose 4 times as much)

Craftsmen and labour 14th Century

Carpenter 3d per day (as per a mason)
Plumber and labourer 5d per day.
Ploughman 1d per week plus board and lodging.

Food in the 14th Century

A bull calf 12d
A ewe 16d
A hog 5s
A suckling pig 4d
Bull or milch cow 10s
Heifer 7s
Cheese 1/2d a lb
Butter 1/2d a lb
Salt 10d a lb (a luxury)
A cart 10s
A wagon 1s
Wine cost 53s 4d a hogshead (34 Gallons)