Easter Monday Whit Sunday and Dydd Hen Wyl Ifan (Old St John’s Feast)

In the parish of Aberdare, three special taplasauhaf took place annually, on traditionally appointed dates. These were normally held in the open air, and continued in existence until near the end of the century.

These festivities were famous in the parish in times past for taplasauhaf, which was singing and dancing with the musician playing his musical instrument for them; the four districts had appointed three days of every year to meet together, namely Easter Monday, Whit Monday and Old St John’s day; furthermore, the for districts met each other at four different places, the Dar district holding the taplas on Ton-y-glwyd-fawr, Llwydcoed on bank of Rhyd-y-gored, Aman district meeting was held by the gateway of Bedwlyn, and Pennor on Ton-ty-pel, the place where the last taplas was held in the Aberdare Parish in 1789.

Amman festival was held in the vicinity of Fforchaman in Cwmaman.