J. R. Williams 1851-1888

A Congregational minister and author, was born in the parish of Pencareg, near Lampeter, Cardiganshire. Like Livingstone, he was a weaver by trade, and like the Blantyre boy, he plodded day and night at his books. In 1873, he was ordained at Libanus and Cwmcamlais, Breconshire, where he worked hard and successfully. In 1878, he received a call from Nebo, Hirwaun, Glamorganshire, to be the successor of the venerable Rev. W. Williams, and there he laboured with remarkable acceptance. He was a man of great intelligence, and of varied reading. His aspirations were high, and his convictions were deep, and his preaching was powerful and earnest. He had made himself a necessity in the press, and in the pulpit of Wales; his great service to the Sunday school will not soon be forgotten, and his book entitled “Llawlyfr yr Athraw” (The Teacher’s Handbook), was very favorably received, and found to be of great practical use. (Congreg. Year Book, 1889)

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