Hirwaun Manager

Appointed Agent, to Duffryn Rhondda Collieries

Congratulations to Mr. G. A. Watson. M.E., manager Tower Colliery, Hirwaun, on his appointment as agent of the Duffryn Rhondda Collieries (P.D.A.C. Ltd.), Port Talbot. Still in the early thirties, he is probably one of the youngest agents in the South Wales Coalfield.

Mr. Watson, a native of Abernant, has had unique and extensive training wider the Powell Duffryn Company, and is indebted to Mr. J. A. Price, Group Agent, Aberaman, for his success in mining. After working as a collier at the River Level, Abernant, Mr. Watson was, at the age of 19, appointed timekeeper, later having charge of roof control under the company. He gained expert knowledge on the Continent, visiting the Ruhr Coalfield and mining areas of Scotland.

He became a mining engineer when he was 30 years of age and has been manager of the Tower Colliery for three years. since coming to Hirwaun, Mr. Watson, founded and organised the Tower Colliery Fire Brigade, the team winning three first prizes on their first appearance in the Northern Area Annual Fire Brigade competitions.

Mr. Watson is a keen advocate of team spirit in the collieries, this ensuring a tremendous co-operative force. Attaching great importance to cleanliness in and about the mine, he compelled the men to develop good taste, and whatever their job, to do it well. Holding high respect for workmen capable in carrying out their duties, Mr. Watson held that there was a long list of such workmen at the Tower Colliery conforming with this ideal-men knowing their job and showing full team spirit. The departure of Mr. Watson from Hirwaun leaves the district the poorer for a diligent and excellent citizen.

Among the many public offices, he held was a Member of Aberdare Hospital Board, chairman Hirwaun, Y.M.C.A. Boys’ Club; vice-president of Hirwaun, British Legion Branch, Hirwaun Ambulance Division, Hirwaun Town Band, Hirwaun Welfare C.C., Hirwaun, and District Angling Society, and vice-chairman Hirwaun Miners’ Welfare Association.

His interest in young people was exceptional, and he always encouraged studious-minded folks.

Mrs. Watson has taken active part in local social welfare projects. Hirwaun, residents express wishes for the future happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Watson and daughter.

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