S. A. Brain


Alderman S. A. Brain’s popularity was amply evidenced at a crowded social meeting which took place at the Grangetown Iron Schoolroom on Friday evening, when the worthy alderman, who has represented Grangetown Ward on the corporation for seventeen years, was the recipient of an illuminated address recording: his services to Cardiff. The meeting was tinder the auspices of the Grangetown Ward Conservative Association, and the chairman of that body. Mr. W. J. Hall, occupied the chair, supported by Alderman S. A. Brain, Messrs. R. Davies, E. Waddington, B. Longstaff, W. R. Smith, Phillips, and others.

The presentation was made by the chairman, who referred to the fact that the address had been subscribed for by workingmen. The address read as follows:

“To Alderman S. A. Drain, J.P.”
“Dear Sir, On behalf of the Grangetown Ward Conservative Association, we ask your acceptance of this address as a slight token of our high personal regard and in recognition of the long and efficient services you have rendered to the ward and to the beat interests of Cardiff generally during the seventeen years you have represented us on the Cardiff Corporation.”
“We remember with pride that you have never been defeated, though frequently opposed, and that you were also elected top of the poll to the school board by the largest majority ever recorded for a school board ] candidate in Cardiff.”
“The Cardiff Exhibition of 1896 owed its success largely to your incessant efforts as vice-chairman, and we feel proud that our Grangetown member presented a free ticket for the day to every elector and his family in Cardiff, numbering some 33,000, irrespective of creed or party.”
“As the senior member of the 2nd Glamorgan Volunteer Artillery you have performed a very useful and patriotic service, and we rejoice to know that your popularity is as great as it is well merited.”
“The great friendly and athletic societies of the; town are also glad to number you amongst their lists of members, and speak highly of the services you have rendered to there.”
“We earnestly hope that you may be long spared to your family and friends, and to devote year great talent to the service of Cardiff, and also to the great Conservative and Unionist cause.

“Signed on behalf of the association,
“W. J. HALL (Chairman).
“W. R. RMITH (Vice-chairman).
“H. J. KITCHIN (Hon. Sec.).#April 1902.”
Alderman Brain, in returning thanks, said it was sufficient reward to know that, after seven teen service, he had done something which satisfied his constituents, but he was proud to have that tangible proof of their regard for him. It was no sinecure to be a town councillor. It reminded him very much of a football, which received more kicks than the goals, is obtained. The Cardiff Corporation was composed of men of all sorts, but he believed that they all tried to do their best for their constituents.
Speeches were also made by Mr. H. Longstaff and others, and a very enjoyable programme of music and other items .was given by the Spotlands Conservative Band and the following: Mrs. J. Montague. Messrs. G. Wilkes, J. Rowlands. C. Gaites, J. Montague, James White, H. Rice. R. Brown. P. Jeffery, N. Anderson; Walmesley, and W. Lewis.