Richard Fothergill III

Mr. Richard Fothergill Jun

We regret to announce the death of Mr Richard Fothergill, son of the hon. member for Merthyr Tydfil. The sad news was telegraphed to Abernant House on Thursday, and rapidly became known all over the district, where it elicited general sympathy.

The deceased gentleman, who was suffering from ill-health, determined some short time ago to pay a visit to Tenby, where the members of his family are staying, hoping that a change of air would relieve him, but he gradually grew worse, and at length was prostrated by a very severe attack of typhoid fever. Dr Reid, of Tenby, was called in, Dr. Davies, of Merthyr, the medical attendant of the family, was sent for, and for some few days there was every reason to believe that the young gentleman’s constitution, assisted by medical skill and good nursing, would enable him to fight through the various stages of his illness.

On Sunday, although in a very low state, he was a little better, and no serious change occurred until Tuesday, when the ravages of the terrible disease began to tell upon him, and but scant hopes of his recovery were entertained by his medical attendants. They, however, used their utmost exertions, and to the last did all that could possibly be done with a view to save life. all Thursday morning, about half-past eleven o’clock, the end came and Mr. Fothergill passed away quietly, after several days of suffering, which he had borne with singular courage and patience.

The deceased gentleman was well known in the district of Merthyr and Aberdare, and from his connection with the works was popular as well with the population as with the workmen generally. He took a warm interest in his father’s business and gave promise of becoming a prominent man in connection with local industries.

His general amiability of character made him a favourite with all who had dealings with him, and in social circles he was very generally respected and beloved. Mr. Fothergill, who educated at Eton, was a fine specimen of an Englishman, being about six feet three inches in height, well built, frank and genial in his bearing and disposition. He was the only son now alive by his father’s first wife.

He attained the age of 25 years on the 19th of last month, and at that time any casual observer would have predicted that in the ordinary course of nature he had promise of a long and useful life. In Tenby the deepest sympathy is manifested towards the family in their bereavement; and the feeling will be general in political and commercial circles today, amongst thousands of his acquaintances, when they read the announcement it is our painful duty to make.


Mr. Richard Fothergill Junior, the remains of the late Mr R. Fothergill, jun., will be Tenby (Saturday) at one o’clock, in the cemetery, Tenby. We believe the funeral will be strictly private.

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