William Aubrey Williams “Gwilym Gwent” 1834-1891

A musician he was born at Tredegar, in Monmouthshire, and, at an earlyage, developed much more than average ability as a musician. Whenquite a young man he removed to Aberdare, where he resided formany years. From Aberdare he removed to Blaina, in his nativecounty, emigrating to America in 1872. He first settled in Wilkesbarre,and was employed in the Empire Colliery. He afterwards removedto Plymouth, Pennsylvania, where he died. His compositions numberover 100, and most of them became exceedingly popular. The bestknown are his glees,”Yr Haf “(The Summer);”Y Gwanwyn”(TheSpring); and “Y Clychau”(The Bells). He took prize after prizefor anthems and other church music, and undoubtedly took rankamong the leading Welsh composers. In 1895, a handsome monumentwas erected to his memory at Plymouth, Pennsylvania.