John Howell 1849 – 1896

A Baptist minister; was a native of Carmarthenshire. His early education was scanty, and he worked underground at a colliery at Aberdare whilst quite a boy. In 1870 he entered Pontypool College, and at the end of his course of training settled as pastor of the Welsh church at Cwmpark, Glamorganshire. Two years later he joined the English causeat Tonypandy, leaving there in eighteen months to take charge of the English church at Mountain Ash, where he spent eighteen years. He was a thoughtful and earnest preacher, a painstaking pastor, and an excellent public man. He was one of the most prominent members of the Glamorganshire English Baptist Association, and was held in high repute as a journalist. His lectures on Palestine, Brittany, &c., in which countries he had travelled much, were very popular.