Aberaman Ship (official number 72516)

Iron / cemented
2 decks
Built by Richardson, Duck & Co – Stockton, 1875.
Master S Chapmen
Owners: J. Shepherd & C.
Length 206.5
Breadth 35.1
Depth 21.8
Register tonnage net 1090
Register tonnage gross 1126
Under deck 1062
Forecastle 30 feet long
Port of register Cardiff
Surveyed in Dublin

At last, in January 1883, the British ship Aberaman delivered the replacement statue and the bronze plates, but it was now four years after the centennial celebration of Cook’s discovery of Hawai‘i. Gibson had been appointed King Kalakaua’s prime minister. It seemed a good idea to unveil the replica at Ali‘iolani Hale in honour of the belated coronation of King Kalakaua. On February 14, 1883, the king pulled a wire to lift the Royal Standard and a Hawaiian flag from the impressive statue, while the Royal Hawaiian Band played Hawai‘i Ponoi.

Fate: not heard of her since she sailed 20 May 1883 from San Francisco for Falmouth with wheat, 20 in crew. I had a look at the Times whether there is something mentioned about her fate but no luck I am afraid.

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