Benjamin Evans 1816-1886  
A Baptist minister and author, was born of poor but pious parents at Drefach, Cardiganshire. Owingto the death of his father, he found himself, when at a tender youth,handling a pick and shovel in a coal mine. The only education he had was at the Sunday school. He was admitted to Pontypool College in 1839, and in three years he took charge of the cause at Hirwaun, Glamorganshire. There he laboured very successfullyforming two English churches as branches until 1857.

He then took the oversight of Mill Street Church, Aberdare, one of the branches referred to, and during his pastorate of four years, two other churcheswere formed as branches from Mill Street. In 1861 he removed toNeath, where, for a quarter of a century he filled, with honour andsuccess, a difficult sphere of labour building a new chapel, andcommencing a new church at Skewen, and acting as secretary to the Glamorganshire United Welsh Baptist Association.

He wrote many Welsh tracts and pamphlets, and was the author of "Yr Ymholydd"a Catechism on the New Testament (Carmarthen: W. M. Evans, 1866).He was a very popular preacher and one of the most original exegetes of the Welsh pulpit in his day. (Baptist Handbook, 1888; Cardiff Catalogue).